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ESDiT Event

Date: May 21, 2024
Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Location: TU Delft | The Hague Campus, Bezuidenhoutseweg 63

Climate action aims to create a better, more just world. It therefore requires not just technical knowledge, but also ethical understanding. Join John Broome (Oxford), in conversation with James Hutton (TU Delft), as they delve into the philosophical underpinnings of climate action. This discussion, suitable for experts and non-experts alike, will explore critical questions about what our responsibilities and duties are to act on climate change. Topics will include the ethics of offsetting, the contested role of individual action, and John’s proposal for a World Climate Bank.

John Broome is Emeritus White’s Professor of Moral Philosophy, University of Oxford. He was a lead author for IPCC 2014. He is the author of Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World (Cambridge University Press, 2012), a seminal work in the field of climate ethics, as well as several influential books on the intersection of philosophy and economics.

Reach out to James Hutton [j.hutton@tudelft.nl] for more information and to join the social dinner after the event.