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Prof. Sabine Roeser awarded with Royal Honour

May 8, 2024 | ESDiT updates, News

We are delighted to share that Prof. Sabine Roeser, Professor of Values, Technology and Innovation at TU Delft and member of ESDiT’s Management Board, has been appointed Knight of the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands in Voorschoten for her scientific and public work in the field of ethics!

Prof. Roeser’s research focuses on risk, intuition, emotion and art. Her work can shed light on hotly debated issues such as nuclear energy, climate change and public health. She is known worldwide as a researcher who uses ethics to show that emotions about technological and other risks are not irrational. They are often based on rational and correct considerations and should have a place in the debate. The impact of her work is not only evident in her many scientific achievements, but also in the many roles she has played in society. She has been and still is a member of several advisory boards, such as the Health Council’s Advisory Group, the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Energy of the Council for Environment and Infrastructure, and a member of the Advisory Board of COVRA/OPERA.

The Order of the Lion of the Netherlands is the oldest and highest civilian order of chivalry in the Netherlands, founded by King Willem I in 1815. This order is awarded for exceptional service to the community.

Join us in celebrating Sabine on such an award!