Research lines of the programme

ESDIT2022 Conference 6-7 October

The programme is structured along four research lines. The first three lines focus on core domains that socially disruptive technologies (SDTs) will have an impact on human beings, nature, and society. For each of them, we will study how they are affected by the new generation of SDTs and how key philosophical and ethical concepts that relate to them are being challenged. In a fourth line, we aim at synthesis and we will develop an integrated assessment of SDTs and the moral frameworks needed to guide their development.

Research line 'Nature, Life and Human Intervention'

Coordinators: Ibo van de Poel and Marcel Verweij

Research line 'The Future of a Free and Fair Society'

Coordinators: Ingrid Robeyns and Sabine Roeser

Research line 'The Human Condition'

Coordinators: Peter-Paul Verbeek and Wijnand IJsselsteijn

Research line 'Synthesis: Ethics of Technology, Practical Philosophy, and Modern Technology-Driven Societies'

Philip Brey, Marcus Düwell and Anthonie Meijers