Philip Brey
Programme leader

Philip is an international leader in philosophy and ethics of technology and, in particular, in ethics of information technology and ethics of emerging technologies. He was elected president and division director of two international societies, and he currently serves as president of the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology. He also coordinates a multidisciplinary EU project with seventeen partners and over forty researchers and has completed coordination in a similar project. He has served as scientific director of 4TU.Ethics, as department chair, as master programme director, and as director of the Ethics and Technology PhD programme.

Ingrid Robeyns

Ingrid is an international leader in normative social and political philosophy, as well as the intersection of applied ethics with the social sciences and economics. In 2003, she was one of the founders of the Human Development and Capability Association, an academic association that has around 850 members worldwide, and is currently serving as its president. She has served as co-chair of the Humanities jury of the National Science Agenda for research funding in the Netherlands. She also has extensive leadership experience in editorial positions. She was the first Academic Director of the National Research School of Philosophy in the Netherlands.

Ibo van de Poel

Ibo has a leading international position in ethics of engineering, responsibility and risk in technology, and value-sensitive design and has been coordinator of a major EU Horizon 2020 project on responsible innovation in industry. He has been associate editor of the Springer book series on Philosophy of Engineering and Technology since 2010. Previously he held other editorial positions. He is head of the Department of Values, Technology and Innovation (90 faculty) at TU Delft. Previously, he served as managing director of 4TU.Ethics and as director of interfaculty teaching at TU Delft’s School of Technology, Policy and Management. 

Sabine Roeser

Sabine is an international leader in ethics and philosophy of technological risks. She has served extensively on a number of editorial boards and is currently co-editor-in-chief of The International Library of Ethics, Law and Technology book series (Springer) and has also led large research projects. She currently chairs her department at TU Delft, where she also serves as chair of the Human Research Ethics Committee and of the Coordination group Integrity, which oversees the integrity policy of TU Delft and advises the board of the university. Previously, she was managing director of 4TU.Ethics and is currently a member of its management team. 

Peter-Paul Verbeek

Peter-Paul is an international leader in the philosophy of human-technology relations, particularly, in mediation theory and its application to ethics. He is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy of Technology and co-director of the interfaculty Design Lab at the University of Twente. He currently serves as chair of UNESCO’s World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST). He is a former (elected) chair of the Young Academy of KNAW and a former president of the Society for Philosophy and Technology. He is a member of the supervisory board of TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research); the board of the Rathenau Institute (for Technology Assessment and Science Policy); the program council for Responsible Innovation (Dutch Science Council NWO); the Dutch National Commission for UNESCO; and the Commission for the Freedom of Academic Pursuit (KNAW).

Wijnand IJsselsteijn

Wijnand is an international leader in human-technology interaction. With a background in both social sciences (neuropsychology) and computer science (artificial intelligence), he is well-known for his work at the interface of humans and technology, as a proponent of user-centred and value-sensitive design. He has led the EU Working Group which resulted in the EU FET Proactive call on Presence Research and has coordinated major EU and NOW projects. He is scientific director of the interdisciplinary TU/e Center for Humans and Technology, which combines user-centred and value-sensitive approaches to technology understanding and design. He is also co-director of the four-university 4TU.Center for Humans and Technology. He has initiated and managed the successful Psychology & Technology major at TU/e – the first of its kind in the Netherlands with now around 120 students. He is the initiator of the successful PERSUASIVE technology conference series and has served on international boards.