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Reimagining Digital Well-Being – Report for designers & policy makers

Jun 4, 2024 | ESDiT updates, News

How can we reimagine digital Well-being?

Matthew Dennis (TU/Eindhoven), Anna Puzio (University of Twente), Lyanne Uhlhorn (TU/Eindhoven), Lily Frank (TU/Eindhoven), Gunter Bombaerts (TU/Eindhoven) contributed to the report “Reimagining Digital Well-Being – for designers & policy makers” summarizing the research insights explored at the “Future of Digital Well-Being” conference, hosted at KNAW – Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen in Feburary 2024.

The report offers a holistic view of the future of digital well-being, one that will inspire the next generation of designers of online tools and policymakers who will regulate these tools. It addresses the questions:

  • How to understand existing definitions of DWB?
  • How do digital & non-digital solutions help improve DWB?
  • How can we design for DWB for diverse and underrepresented groups (mental, physical, gender, sexuality differences, etc.)?
  • How should cultural differences inform how we design for DWB?

The report highlights the profound importance of digital well-being in today’s digital age. Ensuring the well-being of individuals and communities must be a crucial concern to foster healthier, more balanced interactions with technology, enhancing the overall quality of life.

You can read the report here.